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 I knew from the get go that these images needed to be composites with some elements of digital art. The first reason for that is simply the fact that I don't h...

To read an Introduction about the project and portrait series, Click Here

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1. What’s your name, your friend’s name, how old are you both, and where were you both from when you met/had the long distance period?

My name is Ryan Charaba,...

There are many people who say long distance never works and if you meet someone far away its not worth pursuing because it’s too difficult. I agreed with this until recently when I made a few online friends and it has completely changed my view.

Hello everyone! I want to talk about what happens when life doesn't go as planned, and how it might be a great opportunity to find your purpose!

Family Photographer Alexa Machado Photography took cake smash photos of her one year old lens (Canon 50mm)!

Alexa Machado Photography Best of Spring 2018 Flower Portraits | Alexa Machado Photography | San Diego California

So, let me guess, you’re here because your friend suddenly started their own business or jumped aboard the MLM train and suddenly they have no time, no chill,

Let's face it, there is a stigma around pursuing what you love as a career, valuing your time and effort, and charging what you’re worth. 

For me personally, It’s easy for people to look at what I’m doing, and tell me I’m being selfish charging for something that I shou...

     Back in the days of portfolio building, my clients received online galleries with their digital images. Nowadays, I encourage them to print their art products through me. In fact, that's what my entire business is based around! I love helping my clients from the t...

February 2, 2018

Open House for Alexa Machado Photography and Four Stone Harmony. Four Stone Harmony is a small yoga studio.

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